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Eclipse Power Networks Announces Strategic Restructure to Enhance Customer Focus and Operational Efficiency


In a move aimed at better serving our clients and connected customers, and to position the company for future growth, we are pleased to announce a comprehensive restructure of our Customer Connections Operations department. The strategic changes are designed to streamline processes, improve project delivery for our clients, and ensure scalability to meet the increasing demands of the market. This positive change is to ensure we increase our focus on programme delivery and asset management.
The Customer Journey is of upmost importance to us, and with this in mind, the decision to restructure the Operations department comes as part of our commitment to prioritising customer satisfaction and addressing the evolving needs of the energy sector. We recognise the importance of not only meeting, but exceeding customer expectations in a rapidly changing landscape to reach Net Zero.
Key objective of the restructure
Customer-Centric Approach – The restructured Operations department will be laser-focused on understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients and connected customers. This shift aims to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen long-term relationships.
End-to-End Project Delivery – The reorganisation will facilitate a more seamless and integrated approach to project management, ensuring a smoother transition from project award to adoption. By optimising project delivery processes, we aim to deliver high-quality engineering solutions within specified timelines.
Operational Efficiency – Streamlining internal processes is a central goal of the restructuring. By identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, the company aims to enhance operational efficiency and improve overall productivity.
Scalability for Future Growth – Anticipating the growing demands of the energy market, we are positioning ourselves for scalability. The restructure will mean we are better equipped to handle increased workloads for our clients.
Employee Impact

While the restructuring involves organisational changes, we are committed to supporting our employees through the transition. The company will provide resources for skill development and training programs to ensure that the workforce is aligned with the new operational model.

Managing Director, Spencer Thompson commented
“The restructure ensures that we have a dedicated team focus on delivery from award to adoption and allows us to develop our Asset Management policies, network optimisation and engineering capability for growing our network. By optimising our Operations department, we are positioning Eclipse Power Networks for sustained growth and improving the Customer Journey for our clients and ultimately our connected customers.”
Ben Croxford – Director of Customer Connections Delivery
Ben has recently joined Eclipse to play a pivotal role in supporting our ambitious growth plans. The primary emphasis will be on our customers, ensuring they experience a seamless service from project award through to energisation and adoption. With an extensive background in operations within the utility sector, Ben brings a wealth of experience to Eclipse. Having spearheaded digital and operational strategies in the past, he has a proven track record of developing operational excellence and driving digital transformation programs. Ben is well-positioned to channel this wealth of experience to centralise Eclipse’s Programme Delivery process around the customer, ensuring that our growth plans align seamlessly with an unwavering commitment to customer service.
At the core of Eclipse lies a commitment to our customers, and our restructuring efforts are geared towards safeguarding this focus without compromising the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our network assets.
Andy Green – Director of Asset Management
Andy has been with Eclipse since we launched in 2019 and holds a wealth of technical knowledge and experience across the utilities industry with a speciality of high voltage electrical distribution engineering. Andy’s new role within the company will ensure that we can progress our asset management journey.
With our live networks and connections expanding at a significant rate across all voltage levels from Low Voltage to 132kV, and an ever increasing pipeline of networks in construction, Andy’s future focus with be to ensure our asset management strategies, operations, restoration, repair, inspection and maintenance, provides for a safe, efficient, well managed and maintained network for the lifetime of the asset, providing the best possible service to our connected customers.
Eclipse Power Networks’ restructuring of the Operations department represents a proactive step towards adapting to industry changes, improving the Customer Journey, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and Risk reduction for connected customers. By focusing on customer needs, end-to-end project delivery, operational efficiency, and scalability, we aim to remain at the forefront of engineering innovation in the energy sector in our strive to become the ‘go to’ IDNO.
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