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Load increase to existing connection

If you’re connecting a generation asset or energy storage system (such as batteries), you need to ensure the connection is properly designed and compliant with Engineering Recommendation G99. It’s something we do every day for our clients.

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Electricity Generation Installers

Installers of Solar PV, Wind generation or Battery Storage are required to notify the local network owning I/DNO (Independent/Distribution Network Operator), to apply for their connection.

The I/DNO is required to respond within 65 days provided all application information and supporting data has been submitted to them. This process helps network operators ensure that the network can accommodate the export capacity and can continue to operate in a safe and reliable manner.

The generation connection process has been developed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), and is the process and documentation to be used to notify the local network owner.

The ENA website also includes guidance for generation operators on compliancy for operating generation in parallel with the network.

We encourage all installers to talk to us and use the notification/application process as appropriate. There may be a fee involved for this service.

Asset value contribution request

As an IDNO we can adopt your energy assets from you. By law, a DNO is not allowed to pay you anything. When we calculate the value of your asset we’ll show you exactly how we worked it out. So you can be sure you’re getting a fair asset value contribution. We then take over the management and maintenance of the network.