Fully Licensed IDNO…

Eclipse Power Networks Limited are a fully licensed Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) who provide clients with an effective alternative to using the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

As an IDNO, we will offer Developers, Contractors and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) several significant benefits over the normal DNO connection to the grid.

Being a licensed IDNO allows Eclipse Power to build, own and operate licensed electricity networks throughout the UK. This is in direct competition with the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), but allows us, as an IDNO, to offer our clients significant benefits resulting in a more flexible and innovative approach to their project.

How can an IDNO assist with your project?

The basic principle behind being an IDNO is that we can enter into an Adoption Agreement with Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and provide a financial contribution for the adoption of the network assets.

We would then operate and maintain the new network under our license obligations for the lifetime of the assets.

As a solution to the challenges faced from the complexity of modern distribution networks utilising both import and export loads, Eclipse Power can provide commercial solutions for both licensed and unlicensed (private) networks through its separate delivery vehicles, Eclipse Power Networks Ltd. and Eclipse Power Private Networks Ltd.

What can Eclipse Power Networks do for you?

ICP’s and Developers of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Storage projects requiring an electrical load will benefit from using Eclipse Power.

We will;

  • Submit the DNO or National Grid Point of Connection (POC) application for your development
  • Negotiate with the DNO and National Grid for the right POC and Contestable solution on our clients behalf
  • Offer significant Asset Value Contribution to adopt the new electricity distribution network for your development
  • Provide cost efficient Technical Standards, significantly reducing the cost of Non-Contestable work from the DNO price

Need more information?

If you feel you would benefit from using Eclipse Power as an IDNO for your project, please contact us for more information by filling in our enquiry form or by calling us on 01234 486487. Alternatively, please email us networks.enquiries@eclipsepower.co.uk

  • Who would benefit from using an IDNO?...

    ICPs and Developers of Industrial, Commercial & Residential projects requiring an electrical load. Developers of Embedded Generation projects. Electrical Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Providers. Projects being developed within a variety of Industries, such as; Healthcare, Property & Transport. Developers of Storage projects looking to connect at High Voltage (HV) and 132kV to either the DNO network or National Grid.

  • What are the benefits of using an IDNO?...

    Eclipse Power can offer clients a significant Asset Value Contribution (AVC) to adopt the new electricity distribution network for your development, which therefore reduces capital costs. Apart from the financial contribution, which isn’t available from the DNOs, we can provide our clients a more personal service focused on your specific requirements.

    We offer flexibility and a willingness to consider innovative design solutions that are not restricted to the design standards of a DNO. This can therefore reduce the cost of the Contestable Works when compared to the DNO price. We have found that a large number of our clients have experienced difficulties when liaising with the DNO or National Grid; by using Eclipse Power, we will do this for you and take full responsibility for the High Voltage Network once the project has finished.

    Other benefits of using an IDNO include:

    • Forward thinking, ‘can do’ approach to resolving network solutions in exceptional timescales
    • Focused on excellent customer service
    • Consideration of innovative and flexible network design solutions
    • Capable of adopting, owning and operating both private (unlicensed) and licensed distribution networks.
    • Able to work across all geographical areas of the UK
    • Provide competitive Asset Value contributions in consideration of the adopted assets.
    • All networks operated to the exacting regulatory standards required by our license set by and monitored by OFGEM.
    • Working to the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards.
    • As a standalone business, we will work with all NERS accredited ICPs.

  • Why use a DNO, when you can use an IDNO?...

    Eclipse Power provide our clients with a fully managed connection service which means: As an IDNO, Eclipse Power are regulated by OFGEM which means they are required to meet the equivalent level of obligations as the DNOs. IDNO networks are designed and built in-house, to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are met, whilst maintaining flexible solutions which can significantly reduce developer costs.

    • Quicker Decision Making Process
    • Less Hassle – we liaise directly with the DNO/National Grid
    • Lower Costs