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It’s easy to connect with Eclipse Power Networks, a leading IDNO. You can start talking to us about connecting and energising your project at any stage. In our experience, the sooner the better. We’ll look at your project specification and advise you on the most cost-effective design engineering options. All compliant with industry regulations and in line with our own specifications. IDNOs and DNOs have the same standards and obligations to meet and are both regulated by OFGEM in the same way.

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Difference between a DNO and an IDNO

An IDNO is an Independent Distribution Network Operator. An IDNO designs, owns, operates and maintains electricity networks in the UK.

A DNO is a Distribution Network Operator. A DNO distributes electricity in specific geographical areas throughout the UK.

Both are licensed by OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets).

IDNOs connect to the local distribution network or to the transmission network to serve new developments and are ultimately responsible for maintaining the local network.

DNOs distribute electricity from the transmission grid for a large geographical area, whereas IDNOs distribute electricity from either DNOs, or the transmission network, to smaller local areas. Both DNOs and IDNOs are responsible for connection line faults and maintenance.

What is an IDNO and why choose one?

An IDNO – like Eclipse Power Networks – can adopt electricity networks across Great Britain (GB). We are regulated by OFGEM and are required to meet the same standards and obligations as the DNO. Working collaboratively, we can provide a more flexible and cost-effective engineering solution for your project, and guide you through the entire project journey.

We can also be more flexible in the way we interpret the standards set by DNOs- many of which vary from region to region.

Unlike DNOs we can also pay you an Asset Value when you join our network. We adopt the electricity network that you install in your development and manage it from then on. A DNO is legally barred from paying you anything for your assets.

How we connect you

Getting connected via an IDNO makes the process simple, as we’re with you every step of the way. We provide expert support, advice, and technical services at every stage of the process. The result: an electrical network that meets high standards of safety and reliability, offering savings on capital expenditure compared to what the local DNO could offer.

Initial review

We talk about your plans.

Acceptance of your project

If we think we can help, we take the project on.

Detailed design

Then, we produce a detailed design plan for you to follow.

Adoption of your asset

We adopt your asset after it has been built to our agreed specification and standards.

Who we work with

From industrial and commercial projects to residential developments, battery storage sites and EV charging systems, we’re the go-to IDNO for a wide range of companies. We help energy consultants, developers and independent connection providers (ICPs) to connect and energise their projects.