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How we make electricity connections simpler

Around the UK, Eclipse Power Networks simplifies electricity connections for a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial projects, including EV Charging Infrastructure and battery storage sites.

We connect at High Voltage (HV) and up to 132kV to either the DNO network or National Grid.

In every case, we provide unrivalled technical expertise, flexible solutions, and cost-effective, compliant designs,  All backed by fair and transparent asset values that help you to get the most our of your investment.

Industrial and Commercial

We have a variety of Industrial and Commercial live network assets across the UK, these range from LV, HV and EHV. If you are developing a project which requires an electrical connection to the grid, there are many benefits to using an IDNO. By bringing together a team that are experienced, friendly experts who know this industry inside out.

We’re the go to IDNO and can assist with a range of projects Including Warehouses and Distribution Centres, Hospitals and Schools, Retail Units, Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Offices and Business Parks and more.


Eclipse Power exists to make it simpler for customers to connect and energise their Residential developments. As a leading IDNO we adopt conventional electrical residential networks and will adopt large multi-occupancy networks which can include LV distribution networks within the building.

The cost of connecting to the grid can vary depending on factors such as the size of the development, the distance from existing electrical infrastructure, and the complexity of the installation.

EV charging infrastructure

Electric Vehicles are now a viable, everyday mode of transport, offering many benefits to individuals and businesses alike. This means that the demand to Introduce EV Charging Infrastructure has Increased. As an experienced IDNO, Eclipse Power Networks work collaboratively with organisations who are looking to build and connect charging infrastructure to the electricity grid.

Looking for new ways to deal with challenges is part of our DNA. If a conventional route is the best option, we’re not afraid to say it. But if there’s a way to do something more quickly, more efficiently or more cost-effectively, we’ll find it.

Generation and Battery Storage

Eclipse Power Networks are one of the very few IDNOs who are actively adopting large EHV (132kV – 33kV) electrical power distribution networks for Battery Storage and embedded generation (Solar).

Our electric specialism has helped ensure we are not simply following convention but exploring ways to become a market disrupter who is able to innovate and develop new ways of working that deliver commercial benefits for developers as well as our connected customers.

Data Centres

In our modern digital age, data centres reign as the giants of data management, being responsible for storing, managing, and transmitting vast quantities of digital information. They consume considerable energy, with a heavy reliance on continuous operation and stringent security measures which makes them highly energy-intensive.

The traditional model for securing a grid connection involves paying for full capacity from the outset. At Eclipse Power we offer an innovative approach with ramping rates: a unique offering that allows data centres to gradually increase their electrical capacity in alignment with growth, rather than paying upfront based on predicted future energy requirements, saving on capacity charges.

UK Ports

Many of Britain’s ports suffer from ageing infrastructure. At Eclipse Power Networks, we can upgrade electricity connections with funding that pays for itself via an Asset Value payment. Our expert team is always curious and always looking for new ways to meet the challenges that ports face. Our job is to get you connected as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Take a look at these case studies to see how we deliver simplified electricity connections.