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We’re with you every step of the way, providing expert support, advice and technical services at each stage of the process. The result: a network that meets high standards of safety and reliability, often at much lower cost than your local DNO could offer.

Customer contact

Get in touch with Eclipse Power Networks to discuss your project requirements and how we can guide you through the process.


ICP will submit network design to the design team for approval (design@eclipsepower.co.uk).


AV Agreement will be signed by ICP/ Client and Eclipse Power Networks.


Upon design approval, legals will be instructed (If applicable). The ICP should provide a completed instruction form and CAD drawing showing cable routes.


ICP to provide completed streetworks request form, alongside an aerial map showing the proposed excavation route, if utilising Eclipse Power Statutory license. Only applicable for networks Eclipse Power Networks are adopting.

Large power
connection agreements

Eclipse Power Networks to issue draft large power connection agreement to ICP for signature. This should be returned to Eclipse Power Networks for counter signing. Applicable for >69kva loads only.

MPAN issue

ICP to complete MPAN request form so Eclipse Power Networks can issue MPAN information.

Bilateral connection agreement

Host DNO to issue Bilateral Connection Agreement (BCA) to Eclipse Power Networks in preparation for completing final connection works.

Pre-energisation audit

ICP to arrange pre-energisation audit with Eclipse Power Networks auditing team. This should be when site is almost fully constructed but prior to the DNO connection date.

As built submission pack

ICP to provide commissioning data, completion files and as laid drawings. These will be reviewed by the Eclipse Power Networks Adoption Team.

Approval to Energise

Approval to energise document will be issued by Eclipse Power Networks to ICP to enable energisation to go ahead.

Adoption certificate issue

Eclipse Power Networks will adopt the installed network and issue an adoption certificate to the ICP.

Claiming Asset Value

ICP/Client should refer to terms and conditions detailed on the AV Agreement. ICP/Client should claim the Asset Value by submitting an invoice to accounts@eclipsepower.co.uk

Adoption and maintenance

As a licensed IDNO, Eclipse Power Networks will operate and maintain the network asset upon completion.

Payment of Asset Value

Eclipse Power Networks will pay the invoice inline with the terms detailed on the signed AV agreement.

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Eclipse Power aims to be the UK’s go-to IDNO, providing class-leading, innovative, flexible, expert, and personal support that helps developers, ICPs, and consultants to connect their projects to the grid easily. We’re side by side with our clients throughout the journey, ensuring their electricity networks are compliant with regulatory standards and requirements. We design, own, and operate electricity networks built by developers and ICPs, based on a customer-focused approach. We then manage those assets to provide exemplary service to connected customers.

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