Electricity Connections. Simplified.

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Secure, reliable, robust.

Electricity connections designed for data centres.

You can’t afford to take chances with electricity connections for data centres. At Eclipse Power Networks, we’ve got the deep expertise – and deep technical resources – that ensures your connection is designed to deliver the uptime and security of supply that you need.

Standards you can trust

We work to similar standards as the distribution network operators (DNOs) but offer greater design flexibility tailored for the specific project requirements.

Nationwide coverage

As an independent distribution network operator, licensed by OFGEM, we’re not tied to any specific region of the UK. We operate in Great Britain which means we can assist the efficient delivery of the electricity connections you need, wherever your data centres are based.

A friendly, collaborative partner

We’re the friendly experts who’ll collaborate with your own design team to deliver the solution you need. Better still, while we always work within industry standards, we can be flexible and provide the best engineering solution where needed. We’re naturally curious and always looking for new ways to deal with challenges. If a conventional route is the best option, we’re not afraid to say it. But if there’s a way to do something more quickly, more efficiently or more cost-effectively, we’ll find it.

Electricity connections. Simplified.

Electricity connections are complex by nature. Our job is to make it simpler for you to connect and energise your data centres. We can assist clients in exploring alternative metering solutions that ensure the ‘right’ technical and commercial decisions are reached that deliver long term value for clients.

We do this by bringing together a team of experienced, friendly experts who know the electricity industry inside out. The result: innovative solutions based on expert knowledge, practical industry experience, personal service, and creative thinking.

Been there. Done that.

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped data centre customers to secure their connections.

Your journey to a secure, reliable, robust connection

Getting you connected is a complex business. We’re with you every step of the way.

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We’re the people who deliver what you need. Electricity connections. Simplified.

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