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Funding to upgrade electricity connections.

Expert support for UK ports.

Many of Britain’s ports suffer from ageing infrastructure. At Eclipse Power Networks, we can upgrade electricity connections with funding that pays for itself.

Standards you can trust

We work to similar standards as the distribution network operators (DNOs) but offer greater design flexibility tailored for the specific project requirements.

An independent approach

As an independent distribution network operator (IDNO), licensed by OFGEM, we’re not tied to any specific location. We operate in Great Britain which means we can provide the electricity connections you need, wherever your port is located. Even better, the asset can be funded by a financial contribution from us that pays for itself over time, also known as an Asset Value payment.

Innovative upgrades

Our expert team is always curious and always looking for new ways to meet the challenges that ports face. If a conventional route is the best option, we’re not afraid to say it. But if there’s a way to do something more quickly, more efficiently or more cost-effectively, you can count on us to find it.

Why wait?

Our job is to get you connected as smoothly and as quickly as possible – including in-house co-ordination of necessary legal work.

We do this by bringing together a team of experienced, friendly experts who know the electricity industry inside out and know how to speed up the connection process. The result: innovative solutions based on expert knowledge, practical industry experience, personal service, and creative thinking. All working together to deliver electrical upgrades that the UK’s ports need.

How we could help

Take a look at some of the ways we could help to upgrade your port’s infrastructure.

Your journey to an upgraded connection

Reducing the barriers to connection is crucial. We’re here to make every step of the journey as smooth as possible.

Who we are

We’re the people who deliver what you need. Electricity connections. Simplified.

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