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Adoption ValueThe value paid to an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) or Developer for a Network that will be adopted be Eclipse Power Networks
AVAdoption Value
Asset ValueThe value assigned to an adopted Network
AVCAsset Value Contribution
BMoCSBroad Measure of Customer Service (OFGEM measurement of DNO / IDNO customer service
BSCBalancing and Settlement Code
BNOBuilding Network Operator
CiCCompetition in Connection
CRMCustomer Relationship Management System
DCUSADistribution Connection and Use of System Arrangement
DeveloperBuilding developer of housing, commercial and generation developments
DMSDocument Management System
DNODistribution Network Operator
DTCData Transfer Catalogue
DTNData Transfer Network
DUoSDistribution Use of System Charge
EDCMExtra High Voltage Distribution Charging Methodology
EHVExtra High Voltage
ENOExempt Network Operator - as defined in Electricity (Class exemptions from the requirement for a license) order 2001; a network operator distributing less than 2.5MW or generating less than 10MW
EPNEclipse Power Networks
EVElectric Vehicle
GISGeographic Information System
GSGuaranteed Standards
HASWAHealth & Safety at Work Act
HAUCHighways Authorities and Utilities Committee
NHSACNational Health & Safety Advisory Committee
HiDEFHighly Distributed Energy Futures
HSEHealth & Safety Executive
HVHigh Voltage
I&CIndustrial and Commercial
IDNOIndependent Distribution Network Operator
ICP(s)Independent Connection Provider(s)
LDNOLocal Distribution Network Operator
LLF'sLine Loss Factors
LVLow Voltage
MOPMeter Operator - an appointed agent approved for installing and maintaining electricity metering equipment
MPANMetering Point Administration Number (Electricity)
MPASMetering Point Administration System
NaFIRS®National Fault and Interruption Reporting Scheme
NERSNational Electricity Registration Scheme
Network AssetsCables, structures, substation buildings, switchgear, easements and wayleaves
NGNational Grid
OFGEMOffice of Gas and Electricity Markets:
 The regulator for Britain's gas and electricity industries whose priority is to make a positive difference for consumers.
 They regulate the companies that operate the pipes and wires that transport gas and electricity across the country into homes or businesses, by overseeing the energy market, setting obligations about how energy suppliers act and promoting competition as appropriate.
 These obligations are designed to make sure that investment needed in pipes and wires that transport energy happens on time and is delivered at the most efficient cost to consumers.
POCPoint of Connection
STORShort Term Operating Reserve - A service for the provision of additional active power from generation and/or demand reduction
UOSUse of System Charges