Eclipse Power Electricity Networks

Eclipse Power Networks own and adopt HV (High Voltage) and EHV ( Extra High Voltage) electricity networks for a variety of projects across the UK. Included below is a selection of some of the projects we have adopted.

These are within a variety of sectors including; Residential, Industrial and Commercial (I&C), Data Centres, Mixed Use Developments, Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Office and Business Parks, Warehouses and Battery Storage.

To date, we have adopted many live assets all across the UK and continue to work with our clients in assisting them with their electrical connection requirements.

As Eclipse Power Networks are an OFGEM regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), it means we work under an electricity distribution license. This allows allows us to adopt, own and maintain electricity networks in the UK.

Projects to date include electricity connection points for residential housing schemes, mixed use developments, commercial developments, Data Centres, Battery Storage developments and Industrial developments.

We pride ourselves in working closely and collaboratively with house builders, developers, major construction companies, Independent Connection Providers (ICPs), Utility consultants and many more, to ensure we deliver innovative electricity networks for residential and commercial developments.

For more information on any of our recent projects, please see below or contact us to discuss your project.