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Cowstead Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage System – Cowstead

Eclipse Power Networks were appointed by Sembcorp Energy UK (Formally UK Power Reserve) as the Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) for the 50MW Battery Energy Storage System Site (BESS) at Cowstead in Sheerness, Kent.

The battery energy storage site is connected directly to the UKPN network via their existing 132kV Overhead Line (OHL) Network. A new UKPN 132kV disconnector was required to be installed beneath the OHL Point of Connection (PoC) as part of the contestable works.

Eclipse Power adopted the 132kV cable from the new disconnector to the 132kV metered Point of Supply (PoS).

An IDNO 132kV substation, incorporating 132kV earth switches, disconnector and dead tank circuit breaker, completed the IDNO adopted network assets that feed a client adopted 132/33kV 40/50MVA ONAN/ONAF transformer and 33kV GIS substation adjacent to the IDNO compound.

The Sembcorp network assets facilitate their 50MW BESS assets, which nearly doubles their UK battery storage portfolio.


What is an IDNO?

Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) are OFGEM licensed companies that develop, design, own, operate and maintain local electricity distribution systems within the DNO network.

IDNOs are connected to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), either directly, or through other IDNOs. They carry power to homes and businesses around Britain. Unlike DNOs, they’re not bound to any specific geographical region and can therefore offer their services to a wider range of customers.


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