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IDNO for adoption of HH4 Data Centre

Eclipse Power Networks have been appointed as the Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) for the adoption of the HH4 Data Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

The IT space, which totals 9,600 sqm, will provide a secure, high availability environment solution for housing IT and network systems, offering a maximum of 24MW critical IT load.

The 11kV grid connected Data Centre has its own on site IDNO substation delivering 60MW of power, battery back up and back up generators. It will be fully integrated with other Data Centre facilities allowing continued growth for clients.

IDNO working with ICPs

Eclipse Power Networks will be working closely with the appointed ICP to develop an effective adoptable design that meets the Data Centres specific requirements’. As an IDNO. we are not constrained by onerous and prescriptive standards and the solution will not be ‘over-engineered’ as it sometimes the case with the DNO.

The adopted network will provide a mechanism to secure the full capacity from the host DNO and Eclipse Power Networks will agree annual connection agreements that ‘ramp up’ required capacity over time, resulting in savings from capacity charges each year.

NTT Global working with Eclipse Power Networks

Thomas Georgi, Head of Power Management, NTT Global said:

The Global Data Centres EMEA division of NTT Ltd. found Eclipse Power Networks engaging, helpful and knowledgeable from the first interaction.
Eclipse Power Networks helped us consider various connection and metering options towards our investment case. We look forward to working with Eclipse Power Networks as our IDNO on this prestigious 132kV connected data centre and will consider them again for any future sites we develop in the UK.

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