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Institute of Asset Management

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Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management

Eclipse Power Networks are pleased to announce that we are now a Corporate Member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Institute of Asset Management
Institute of Asset Management – Corporate Member


The IAM is a professional body for whole life management of physical assets. It is a network of Asset Management professionals and was established in 1994 to ensure organisations and individuals develop their Asset Management knowledge, demonstrate best practice, and generate awareness of the benefits of the asset management discipline.

Eclipse Power Networks has recently joined the IAM as a Corporate Member, the network has over 3,500 members internationally, made up of organisations and individuals.


Assets are anything with actual or potential value to an organisation. Asset Management is an organisation’s activity to realise value from its assets.

What are the benefits for Eclipse Power Networks?

As an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Eclipse Power adopt several Assets within the electricity distribution network. It is then our responsibility to operate and maintain those assets for their lifetime.

By joining the IAM, Eclipse will benefit from tools and knowledge to progress our asset management journey and ensure our assets bring value to the company and to our end clients.

Introducing our new Asset Manager – Chris Lester

Eclipse have recently introduced Chris Lester to the team as our new Asset Manager. Chris brings with him a wealth of experience and will be responsible for managing EPN’s network of assets going forward, both internally and externally. If you’d like to connect with Chris, head over to his linked in profile.

Looking for more information on our membership?

For more information on Eclipse Power’s Corporate Membership, please visit the IAM website and company directory: https://theiam.org/corporate-directory/

Or get in touch using the contact details below: