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International Women’s Day 2024

Count her in: Invest in Women, accelerate progress

At Eclipse, we’re proudly celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 by championing the cause of gender equality and empowerment.

Claire Noble, Head of Talent at Eclipse commented:

“As a growing business in the Utility sector, we take immense pride in the fact that 40% of our workforce are women, spanning diverse roles from engineering to customer service to sales—a significant stride in an industry where women represent only 26%, as reported by Utility Week. We have 3 members of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) who are female and we ensure that we inspire inclusion and value the differences each and every one of us brings; not just from a gender perspective, but from all our backgrounds.”

Inclusive Work Practices and commitment to Diversity

Within our organisation, we continue to support all members of our team through our inclusive work practices. We promote an environment of inclusion and appreciation for the unique contributions each team member brings, irrespective of gender or background.

Our commitment to diversity is reflected in initiatives like gender-neutral job descriptions, a recognition channel for sharing our teams small and big achievements, and the proud sponsor of our local women’s rugby team, Olney RFC Ladies & U18’s.

Women’s Utility Network Partnership

Through our partnership with the Women’s Utility Network, we ensure our team stays informed and engaged in discussions on pertinent industry topics. Just this month, 3 of our team attended a WUN event which discussed the impact of elections on the energy sector, where they will share their learnings with the wider team. We believe in amplifying every voice within Eclipse, offering opportunities for all to contribute and thrive.

Spotlight on Chelsea Millington-Latham

Chelsea Millington-Latham

This year, we shine a spotlight on Chelsea Millington-Latham, our Head of Customer Connection Programme Delivery, whose journey exemplifies the transformative power of investment in women. Chelsea’s role at Eclipse Power is to manage the team post award, working closely with our clients to support them through the process of connecting their projects to our network.

Chelsea’s progression from an apprentice, to a key manager in our organisation, showcases the possibilities for growth and inclusion within Eclipse.

Chelsea shares her experience of joining Eclipse and the opportunities it presented for professional development.

“I entered into the world of utilities in 2021 when I joined Eclipse Power Networks. The growth of the company has been exponential in the last couple of years and has opened up a lot of opportunities for me to enhance my skillset, as well as learn new things.

I was selected by Eclipse last year to enrol on an ILM accredited leadership and management course which has enabled me to reflect on my own leadership style as well as understand what contributes to a high performing team. This has been of huge benefit to me; the industry is always changing, and I want to continue to be a role model to those within the team and larger business.”

Our partnership with the Women Utilities Network has provided a platform for Chelsea to participate in their mentoring programme. Chelsea commented;

“When I heard about the mentoring opportunities available, I had to find out what it was all about. I signed up and searched through the various types of mentors available to find the right mentor for me. There were plenty of options that specialised in various skills such as confidence boosting, career development, improving presentation skills and more. My mentor has been extremely useful in helping me re-evaluate the foundations for my career development which will assist with accelerating my journey within the industry.”

Investing in learning and development at Eclipse is of the upmost importance. Chelsea recently joined our Head of Asset Management and Asset Co-ordinator on a site visit to one of our flagship network assets, a 132kV connected Battery Storage site in Swindon. Chelsea stated;

“It was a great day out, seeing our assets in full operation and understanding what functions our asset management team play once the site is fully operational.”

As Chelsea looks forward to the future, she is excited to apply her learnings and continue her journey of growth within Eclipse.

Women in Eclipse

At Eclipse, we also have a ‘Women in Eclipse’ Group. We meet quarterly and discuss diversity within the industry and the challenges we have faced working in male dominated industries, including stereotyping and gender pay gap issues. The aim of the group is to make a difference, showcase the contribution women are making and can continue to make in the future.

Our commitment to employee development extends across all departments, evidenced by programs like lunch and learn sessions covering diverse topics from Artificial Intelligence in Utilities, managing Network Assets to GDPR compliance.

At Eclipse Power Networks, investing in women isn’t just a goal—it’s a pathway to progress and success for all. Join us in our mission to empower women, accelerate progress, and build a more inclusive future.

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