Status: build

150MW Battery Storage Project

Minety is a 150MW battery storage project in Wiltshire and is the biggest battery storage development in Europe.

The site being developed by Penso Power consists of 3 adjacent 50MW battery storage facilities.

The initial 100MW of battery storage has seen investment by one of the world’s largest generation companies, the China Huaneng Group, who are responsible for the construction.

Work started onsite in December 2019, with the first 100MW of the project entering operation at the end of 2020.

The additional 50MW capacity is to be built on adjacent land and will enter operation in 2021.

Eclipse Power Networks to Adopt 132kV Network

Eclipse Power are the Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) for the battery storage project and are adopting the new 132/33kV distribution network via the SSE/National Grid Minety Substation in late 2020.

Benefits of a Battery Storage Site

The project itself will achieve 150MW capacity in 2021, with the battery storage site intending to store excess electricity generated from renewable sources. This in turn will suppl power to the National Grid when required.

The project will therefore assist in balancing the UK’s electricity demand and supply whilst contributing to the UK’s transition to a net-zero carbon system.

At full capacity, the 150MW battery facility will be capable of supplying enough power to approximately 15,000 homes for a day.