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Eclipse Power Transmission Limited hereby gives notice that it has made an application to the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority for an electricity transmission licence.

Please note, this is a re-publication of our original application notice due to an error in the original notification – it is not a further application for another transmission licence.

The closing date for comments on this licence application is 22nd March 2023. Please contact Licensing@ofgem.gov.uk.

Eclipse Power Transmission Limited – Notice of Application for an Electricity Transmission Licence


OFGEM Licence Conditions

To find out more about licences and licence conditions, please visit the OFGEM website.

Additional Information

Eclipse Power Transmission Limited is a sister company to Eclipse Power Networks Limited, the holder of an electricity distribution licence. Both companies are part of the Eclipse Group.

The Transmission and Distribution Network

How do transmission and distribution networks work?

The transmission and distribution network is often thought about using the motorways and roads analogy.

The transmission network being like a motorway, where it carries electricity at extra high voltage (like vehicles travelling at high speed) across the UK. The transmission network includes steel pylons, overhead lines and underground cables. Electricity is carried at Extra High Voltage (EHV) of 275kV and 400kV. There are a large number of substations throughout the UK which convert electricity into different voltages.

The electricity distribution network being like the local roads, where it carries electricity at high voltage and low voltage (like vehicles connecting between motorways and towns/villages) across the UK. The distribution network includes overhead lines and underground cables. Electricity is carried at lower voltages than the transmission network, ranging from Low Voltage (LV) up to 132kV. There are a number of transformers located within substations to lower voltage levels to safe levels.

Operators for both networks are committed to ensuring that electricity is distributed safely and effectively where required.


For more information on the license application, please get in touch using one of the following methods:

    • Phone – 01234 486487

    • Email – enquiries@eclipsepower.co.uk