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Welcome to Eclipse Power Networks

Electricity connections are complex by nature. Our job is to make it simpler for you to connect and energise your projects.

We do this by bringing together a team of experienced, friendly experts who know the electricity industry inside out. The result: innovative solutions based on expert knowledge, practical industry experience, personal service, and creative thinking.

All backed by asset values that are fairly priced. So you get a good return on your investment as well as peace of mind.

Talk to us now about how we can make your life simpler through hassle-free electricity connections to the grid.

Why choose an IDNO?

A traditional Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is limited to a geographical part of the UK. An independent DNO – like Eclipse Power Networks – can operate nationwide. We can also be more flexible in the way we interpret the standards set by DNOs – many of which vary from region to region.

Unlike DNOs we can also pay you an Asset Value when you join our network. In other words we buy the electricity network that you install in your development and manage it from then on. A DNO is legally barred from paying you anything for your assets.

Benefits of using an IDNO

As an OFGEM licensed Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) we provide you with an effective alternative to using the local DNO. This means that Developers, Contractors and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) can gain significant benefits over the standard DNO connection
to the National Grid – all delivered by a team of highly experienced experts in the electricity connections industry. Being a licensed IDNO allows us to design, own and maintain electricity networks throughout Great Britain (GB).

When you work with Eclipse Power Networks, we will:

Submit a National Grid Point of Connection (POC) application for your development

Negotiate with the DNO and National Grid for the best solution on your behalf

Pay you a significant Asset Value Contribution to adopt the new electricity distribution network

Provide cost efficient Technical Standards that can be significantly lower than the equivalent DNO price

Get connected

When you talk to Eclipse Power, you’re talking to a team of friendly experts who offer class-leading support to developers, ICPs and consultants. From initial design to energising and managing the network, you can count on us to guide you through the entire process. You can rely on us to come up with innovative and flexible solutions – all based on an in-depth understanding of industry regulations and technical standards. Better still, you always deal with the same individuals so that the service you get is personal. Make it easy on yourself. Talk to Eclipse.