Status: build

Wicken is a 5MW Battery Storage Plant which has been self-developed by Eclipse Power Generation.

Battery Storage Project, Wicken, Milton Keynes

The project will import electricity at times when demand on the network is at its lowest, store the energy, then export the energy to support the local electricity network when demand is at its highest.

Batteries also have the ability to perform frequency control and iron out any fluctuations on the electrical network. The site will be capable of achieving full output when receiving a remotely operated despatch to start signal.

The project which was taken into planning in the winter of 2018 has an agreed 30 year lease term, and intends to be operational in 2021 to support the national grid networks requirements.

The project will operate under a trading model, buying and selling electricity into the grid, and looks to maximise its income via Capacity Market agreements and other similar type subsidy arrangements.

Battery Storage – What’s involved?

Eclipse Power Generation will perform construction project management services throughout the build at Wicken, Milton Keynes.

We will also provide Asset Management & Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services upon energisation.

Land for Development Projects

Eclipse Power Generation specialise in the development of electrical power producing projects to support the UK’s ongoing need for energy, providing flexible systems that can react and be deployed rapidly at times of need.

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