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List of IDNOs

Independent Distribution Network Operators

A list of independent distribution network operators (IDNOs) refers to a compilation of companies or organisations that operate as licensed independent entities within the electricity distribution network.

Unlike traditional Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), which are often large utility companies responsible for maintaining and managing the electrical infrastructure, IDNOs are independent entities.  They have the license conditions and authority to own, operate and maintain electricity networks nationwide.

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Full list of licensed IDNOs

A full list of IDNOs serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders in the energy sector, including developers, regulators, and consumers, providing information about the different IDNOs operating within a particular area.

Here is the latest list of IDNOs:


  • Eclipse Power Limited
  • Energy Assets Networks Limited
  • ESP Utilities Group
  • Fulcrum
  • GTC
  • Harlaxton Energy Networks
  • Indigo Power
  • Last Mile Asset Management
  • Leep Utilities
  • MUA Group
  • SSE Enterprise
  • UK Power Distribution
  • Utility Assets
  • Vattenfall


Ofgem also provides a full list of IDNOs on its website here.

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