Within the Electricity Industry, there are many terms, phrases and acronyms which are used. To assist current and future customers, Eclipse Power have explained some of these terms in the Glossary below.

We have listed below a Glossary of terms which you may find useful.

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Adoption Value The value paid to an ICP or Developer for a Network that will be adopted be EPN
AV Adoption Value
Asset Value The Value assigned to an adopted Network.
AVCAsset Value Contribution
BMoCS Broad Measure of Customer Service (OFGEM measurement of DNO/IDNO customer service)
BSC Balancing and Settlement Code
CiC Competition in Connection
CRM Customer Relationship Management System
DCUSA Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement
Developer Building developer of housing, commercial and generation developments
DMS Document Management Systems
DNO Distribution Network Operator
DTC Data Transfer Catalogue
DTN Data Transfer Network
DUoS Distribution Use of System Charge
EDCM EHV Distribution Charging Methodology
EHV  Extra High Voltage
ENO  (License) Exempt Network Operator, as defined in Electricity (Class Exemptions from the Requirement for a Licence) Order 2001; a network operator distributing less than 2.5MW or generating less than 10MW
EPNEclipse Power Networks
EPGEclipse Power Generation
GIS  Geographic Information System
GS  Guaranteed Standards
HASWA  Health & Safety at Work Act
HAUC  Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee
HESAC  National Health & Safety Advisory Committee 
HiDEF  Highly Distributed Energy Futures
HSE  Health & Safety Executive
HV  High Voltage
I&C Industrial & Commercial
IDNO Independent Distribution Network Operator
ICP(s) Independent Connection Providers
LDNO Local Distribution Network Operation
LLF’s Line Loss Factors
LV  Low Voltage
MOP Meter Operator, an appointed agent approved for installing and maintaining electricity metering equipment
MPAN  Metering Point Administration Number (electricity)
MPAS  Meter Point Administration System
NaFIRS® National Fault and Interruption Reporting Scheme 
NERS National Electricity Registration Scheme
Network Assets Cables, structures, substation buildings, switchgear, Easements and Wayleaves.
NG  National Grid
OFGEM  Office of Gas & Electricity Markets: The regulator for Britain’s gas and electricity industries whose priority is to make a positive difference for consumers. They regulate the companies that operate the pipes and wires that transport gas and electricity across the country into homes or businesses and by overseeing the energy market, setting obligations about how energy suppliers act and promoting competition as appropriate. These obligations are designed to make sure that investment needed in the pipes and wires, that transport energy happens on time and is delivered at the most efficient cost to consumers.
POC Point of Connection
STOR Short Term Operating Reserve – is a service for the provision of additional active power from generation and/or demand reduction
UoS Use of System Charge