Status: Completed

The successful planning application for The Grange Farm in South Wales is for:

  • A single 500kW wind turbine with a tip height of 77 metres
  • An associated substation (6 metres x 3 metres)
  • A crane hard-standing, which measures 20 metres by 35 metres and located adjacent to the wind turbine
  • A new access track of 508 metres will be created and 219 metres of access will be upgraded from the existing farm tracks

The site is located in a rural area 0.84 kilometres North West of St Brides Super Ely and 3.5km South of Creigiau.


  • Why is the development needed?

    • Help with the fight against global warming by displacing 500 tons of CO2 emissions every year
    • This site will produce approximately 1,713,000 kWh of electricity every year. This is enough to power over 500 average homes
    • The UK is currently dependant on the import of oil, coal, gas and electricity. This turbine will help with the UK security of supply

  • Why here?

    Identifying an appropriate site for a wind turbine is a complex and lengthy process. We strive to ensure our projects have the least possible impact on the local area and consider numerous factors before we decide to progress a project.

    • Good wind speed (on average 6.5 metres per second)
    • Good site access
    • Minimal effect on locally and or nationally designated environments
    • A viable connection to the electricity grid
    • No impact on civil or military aviation
    • The ability to site a turbine an appropriate distance from homes


  • The Location

    The site is bounded by the M4 motorway to the north of the site and agricultural farmland to all other boundaries. The owner of the land also resides at The Grange. The farm is located 434 metres East of the proposed turbine location.

  • Technical Considerations

    The location and proposal are informed by a wide variety of detailed technical investigations. The application has been submitted with a suite of documents including the following:

    • Heritage Assessment
    • Aviation and Communication Statement
    • Ecological Statement
    • Bat Report
    • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
    • Preliminary Risk Assessment
    • Noise Assessment
    • Planning, Design and Access Statement
    • Shadow Flicker Assessment
    • Transport and Access Statement

    Statements and assessments have been submitted with the planning application to the Vale of Glamorgan Council and consultees to consider and scrutinise. We set out below a summary of the findings for key issues:

    A full noise assessment has been carried out and approved by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. No dwellings will be subject to noise levels above nationally stated environmental health standards set out in ETSU-R-97.

    Shadow Flicker:
    A shadow flicker assessment has been carried out and was approved as part of the planning application. This shows that no dwellings in the proximity of the development will suffer from the effects of shadow flicker.

    A full Ecological Study was undertaken as part of the planning application. It concluded that the effects on local ecology were minimal and acceptable. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council agreed.

    Public Rights of Way (PRoW): –
    A public right of way runs close to the turbine site. A risk assessment has been carried out to determine the potential risk of this turbine. The proposed wind turbine (EWT DirectWIND 54 500kW) has an impeccable safety record.

    There are in excess of 500 EWT turbines in operation across the world, with over 100 turbines located in the United Kingdom. There have been no incidences of
    blade failure, rotor failure or tower failure for an EWT turbine anywhere in the world.

    The proposed turbine at The Grange farm has been sited to avoid impact on the PRoW and would not cause any risk to footpath users. There would be some limited disturbance to the PRoW during the construction and decommissioning periods, whereby the PRoW would be temporarily diverted in the interests of public safety.

    Aviation and Ministry of Defence (MoD) –
    No objections were received from either civil or MoD aviation in relation to the safety of aircraft.

  • Landscape & Visual Impact

    It is inevitable that the wind turbine will be seen in the surrounding area. A formal assessment of landscape and visual impact was undertaken in line with strict guidelines and it was concluded that the impacts were minimal and acceptable.