Status: Operational

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Eclipse Power Generation have successfully self developed Bond Estates Gas Peaking Plant located in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. This operational Gas Generation Peaking Plant is used to export energy into the National Grid, expected to operate at peak times with operational hours anticipated at 1500 hours per annum. It is capable of achieving full generation output within 2 minutes of receiving a remotely operated dispatch to start signal.

Project = Bond Estates

Location = Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Generation Capacity = 6MW

Voltage Connected = 11kV

DNO Network Connection = Western Power Distribution (WPD)

Click Here to see the full build time lapse video.

Eclipse Power Generation took Bond Estates into planning in the Summer of 2016, and received full planning approval later that year in November 2016. The operational Gas Peaking Plant has agreed a 30 year lease term, construction on site commenced in June 2017 and the project has been fully operational since February 2018.

Bond Estates operates under a trading model, buying gas and selling electricity into the grid and looks to maximise its income via Capacity Market agreements and other similar type subsidy arrangements.

Eclipse Power Generation are responsible for the ongoing Operations & Maintenance of the site on a 24 hour commitment.