Member of the Independent Networks Association (INA)


Independent Networks Association (INA)

Did you know that Eclipse Power Networks are a member of the Independent Networks Association (INA)

This means that as an IDNO, Eclipse Power Networks work together with industry peers and colleagues on best practice and innovation.

Members of the INA are part of a forward thinking and influencing body, which aims to shape the future of the energy sector.

By engaging with the INA and its members, we have the opportunity to network with key industry stakeholders. This allows us to:

  • Drive Innovation in utility infrastructure ownership
  • Make improvements in industry competition
  • Make improvements to service delivery

What is the INA?

The INA is the voice of the UK’s independent utility networks.

It consists of the UK’s leading independent utility network owners and operators. Each of whom serve the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors across the UK.

The INA’s role is to drive industry collaboration and influence policy. This in turn will help shape the future of the UK’s energy sector and agenda.

Our members have delivered significant improvements in competition, choice and service for customers in the utility market and, together, own and operate utility infrastructure and networks that provide energy, heat and power to approximately 3 million households and thousands of businesses right across the UK.

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What is an IDNO?

An IDNO, also known as an Independent Distribution Network Operator, is a company who is licensed by OFGEM and who adopt, own and operate distribution networks.

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