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Developers, use an IDNO for your Network Connection and save time and money!


Eclipse Power Networks are a Licensed Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) that own and operate Networks across the UK.

By using an IDNO instead of a local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) we can:

  • Make grid application for you, free of charge, including the production of Single Line Diagrams (SLDs)
  • Reduce the costs of your contestable connection work  by using our technical specifications
  • Offer Asset Value payments for some types of load connections (Residential, Industrial and Commercial)
  • Provide a better, collaborative service with you and your consultants
  • Liaise and resolve issues with the DNO or National Grid, regarding the Point Of Connection (POC)
  • Get your connection faster and at a lower cost

Many developers are making grid applications for a DNO application only, for full works and POC offers. By additionally requesting an IDNO network adoption you can open up your options, of allowing us to design, build and adopt the connection to your development. On Residential, Industrial and Commercial developments, we offer Asset Value Contributions, based on the load estimates, which will reduce your overall development costs.

Contact us on +44 (0) 1234 486487 or email us on to discuss your connection options.

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